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Yoochang moving toward the world! Can be encountered anywhere.

Not satisfied with the best in the country since early Yoochang turned its eyes to overseas and explored overseas markets. Yoochang leaping forward as a professional company for interior works materials in 21C globally is accumulating its technical ability through continuous development of new products and participation in overseas projects and also seeking for diversification of areas for exportation and construction works. Yoochang's technology! You can meet it overseas now.


1999 Essensa B/D Ceiling Suspension & Drywall Penthouse Cladding
2000 Land Bank B/D Matal Ceiling
2001 LKG Tower B/D Matal Ceiling
2001 Ninoy Aquino international Airport #3 Terminal Metal Cladding


1998 China Trade Center Ceiling and Drywall
1995 Xiamen international Airport Aluminum Ceiling


1996 Aria B/D Aluminum Extrucsion Ceiling
1997 Narita Airport Aluminum Ceiling
1998 Narita Airport Aluminum Wall Cladding
1999 Narita Airport Aluminum Exterior
2001 Hiroshima International Univercity Aluminum Punched Panel
2001 Toyota Stadium Fence
2001 Ogasayama Sports Center Steel Bended Panel

Hong Kong

1998 River Trade Terminal B/D Matal Ceiling
1998 Wah Ming B/D Matal Ceiling


1998 Outtrigger Hotel Drywall System


1996 Daewoo Uzbeckistan Cotton Mill Ceiling