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We create most optimal space for man with human-friendly technology.

From small building to mammoth building when Yoochang's hands touched only then its value sparkles.

Ceiling and wall works of International Airport counted as the largest architecture in Korea and ceiling works of ASEM Conference Room etc. high-rise buildings in the country, exhibition halls, stadium, subway building, apartment, power station, etc. the large scales works in the country and overseas in different parts of the world Yoochang involved in creation of human centered and human-friendly best space- the building architecture constructed by Yoochang has harmony with environment and meticulous consideration for human beings.

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Incheon International Airport Transportation Center

2014년 8월 26일 PM 3:05:38
  • Samsung C&T
  • 2000-12-15 ~ 2002-02-28

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